Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End of 18 Weeks!

Things are going GREAT! This little girl is active as ever and I secretly hope that she calms down a bit before she's born. Brady still hasn't been able to feel her yet but he is patiently waiting :) My morning sickness is strictly morning now-which is amazing! It makes school much easier. There's really not much else to report..everything is going as it should be and I am feeling pretty anxious for things to get more exciting-like decorating the nursery, building a crib, buying clothes!! We just have no reason to go and buy stuff when she's still so far away.

Some people have been curious about names. Now we have liked a certain name for awhile now but it's not a for sure thing (but most likely). We REALLY like the name Kenley Rae. It's girly and she'd have my middle name. So that's it for now. We haven't really found anything better...but I'd be open for suggestions!

I also HAVE to tell you this story. So if you read one of my previous posts...we bought the baby a Michigan onesie. This onesie is navy blue with yellow writing on it (Michigan's colors of course). Well, the first thing Brady said when we got home after we found out we're having a girl was.. 

"She can't wear that." 

And of course I questioned him because it's only his FAVORITE football team. His response...

"it's not girly enough for her. It's navy blue!" 

haha I seriously about peed my pants! This little girl is going to be so spoiled by her daddy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you're curious as to what we're having...check out the blog :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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