Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Cooper loves to help dad cut the grass.  Crew got a plastic lawn mower for his birthday and Cooper LOVES to play with it.

 He even likes to put it right next to dads.
 He pretends to empty out the bag of grass and put it in the trash can.

Having boys can be so much fun!

Boise Zoo

We had a TON of fun at the Boise Zoo this summer.  Cooper ended up getting car sick on the way there and we needed to stop and buy some new clothes.  Other than that we had a blast and the kids were so tired afterwards.

Random Happenings

cooper's sad face
 Cooper's happy face
 Crew looking super cute

 kisses for ma

 this is the best picture we took. haha
 still plain but we love our new house!
 someone loves to climb the stairs

 practicing the hard skill of walking!
 enjoying some watermelon

 new jammies
 Cooper is growing up so fast
 Crew's taking a few steps here and there!
 helping ma cook

 Cooper loves to play in the water
 Cooper showing off his new big boy undies.  We are in the works of potty training!

 Mickey had to have underwear on too

 We all have been sick a LOT this summer

and of course we are always missing this little man.  He would be starting kindergarten this year.