Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Friends

These boys are becoming best friends! They both pick on each other and do care for each other most of the time.  And they both love their daddy very much!  I am one lucky momma!

 Crew was trying to kiss Cooper and he thought it was gross!

 then we kind of made it happen...

 and he still thought it was gross!
 and crew thought it was so funny!


we had Thanksgiving with just us 4 this year.  We made lots of yummy food and had a really relaxing time in our jammies!

 Two days later we set up our brand new tree! I love it! It's from the Martha Stewart Collection, which is usually my favorite.  It has a white frost to it, a variety of white lights (some twinkle, some are frosted, some are clear) and has pine cones.
 the boys loved it and it took a few weeks to get them to leave it alone.
 in this picture you can see a dark spot.  Well, when we plugged it in we found 3 branches with lights that don't work. We figure it out and it's an entire strand of lights out.  We still need to call the manufacture and get it fixed.
We put the decorations on the tree a few days later.  More of that to come.

More playing

 we have a dirt hill in the empty lot next to us.  The boys loved it!

 an airplane went by

 "hey mom! I did it!"

Our Baby

He's growing up. way.too.fast.  These pictures were taken a while ago and he's almost outgrown the overalls he's wearing in this picture (they're 12 months).  Here's a few fun facts about baby Crew:
- He LOVES his "didi" (binky) and "didi" (blanket) He says the same word but in different ways.  Brady, Cooper and I can distinguish which one he is saying.
- He's now running, jumping and climbing.
- his vocabulary is ridiculously impressive.  I need to sit down and add more to that long list of his.
- he calls both Brady and I "Dad".  Occasionally I am "mommy" and he's getting better at calling me "mommy".
- still a huge mommy's boy and I LOVE it!
- he loves to snuggle but is doing it less and less the older he gets :(
- still sleeps great however he's super attached to that binky and lately a bottle.
- still eats anything and everything
- is a major tease to everyone and especially his brother.  Ex: taking a toy from Cooper and running away as fast as he can laughing while Cooper chases him screaming/crying.

We love this little boy so much.  He is so different from his brother yet so much alike.  He's the sweetest little boy and we all can't get enough of him!


we made a few decorations for the home and this was our Ghost Cooper made.
 We went to the pumpkin patch we have gone to every year.  This year they expanded it and made it tons better!!

 we only carved one pumpkin his year.  that's right, just ONE.  It took us a few hours just to do this one with Cooper.  One was enough.  He did have a lot of fun with it though!

 Crew sat in his chair and colored.

 the finished product. Can you see what it is?

 Halloween Day we had a few friends and their kiddos over for some pizza and trick or treating.  The older boys went around the neighborhood. {Please don't judge Cooper's lame costume.  We didn't want to spend the money nor did I have the time to do something creative :( }
 our little M&M's!