Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our newest little man!

Things are going great! As you can imagine I am cuddling this little guy as much as I can before he grows up and wants to run all day long. But I am recovering well from the c-section and doing things I was instructed NOT to do. Seriously, how can you not pick up your other children??
Crew is an amazing little man. He is sleeping like a champ. He sleeps 24/7. We wake him up to feed every 3 hours. If we didn't do it he would sleep for hours straight. He keeps losing weight but still within the "okay" range. He's not nursing at all. He was latching on in the hospital but now he absolutely refuses to. Just screams and screams until he passes out then he won't eat. So the doc wants us to supplement with formula to make up for the loss feeding. We are to do this because he's considered a "late preemie" and MUST eat every 3 hours. "Late preemies" become dehydrated faster and blood sugars drop faster. He fits into preemie clothes however he is REALLY long. He has the highest screech cry and often sounds like a screeching car! He poops seriously after EVERY SINGLE FEEDING! Cooper never ever pooped that much so it has surprised us.

Cooper is adjusting as expected. He's good most of the time with occasional bad times. He will tell Crew "hi" and give him kisses. He is interested in his toes, fingers, eyes, and nose. He has helped me bottle feed him (held the bottle) and has watched us change his diaper (he's even saying "diaper" now). He likes to touch his head and be close to him in general. He's doing pretty great but we have to watch him VERY closely. He's tried to share his blanket (by shoving it on him), give him toys (by throwing it at him), and wipe off his spit up (by aggressively wiping his face). He has a kind heart but hasn't quite figured out how to be "gentle"/"soft" all the time.

Well, that's all for now. Time to go to bed before both boys wake up! I'll post more pictures later :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kelsey is still confined to her hospital bed so the responsibility of posting pictures has now fallen on me (Brady). Here are pictures of Bentley "Crew" Ellis.
He was born at 8:29 am on July 22, 2011. He weighed in at 5 lbs. 12 oz. He still has taken a bath yet in all of these pictures...sorry.

This is Kelsey before changing into her hospital gown...

Sorry it's not much, but we wanted to get something out for all of you to see. Kelsey will update everyone on the details and post more pictures later.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Here I am at 36 weeks currently...
Here I am at 37 weeks with Cooper...
I'm not sure what happened in the last 2 years but seriously...I looked so much cuter back then! My hair was lighter, teeth whiter, and just looked happier? I don't know but I seriously haven't done anything with my hair and it's really REALLY weird to see it so DARK! Who knows...maybe it's the angle?

36 weeks

I made it to our "goal" week!! Yay!! I really didn't think this would happen but I am SO grateful it did. I have been having more contractions but still irregular. They are getting stronger and I am extremely sore in my abdomen, lower back, and groin areas. I had an appointment on Friday - the doc said I was about 2 cm dilated and about 20% effaced. He said this is good because baby is more ready (I worry about him going to NICU). It was pretty funny to me...when the doc was measuring me he kept going feeling lower, and lower, and lower until he got to my pubic bone to start the measurement of my uterus - he couldn't go any lower :) . Now this doctor has never seen me before so the look on his face was pretty silly. But really, the little guy's head has been so so low for so long...I think I am even waddling this time around!
My mom and grandma left Michigan yesterday and told me last night that they are expecting to be here by TONIGHT!! They were going to take their time and see some things on the way out and be here Wednesday or Thursday...but I guess they're just too excited to see us :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All things baby

Well, baby will be here a week from TOMORROW! I can't believe how long this pregnancy has lasted but yet it feels too soon for baby to come. I have washed most the clothes, blankets, and car seat. Sheets are clean and ready to be put in the bassinet. I went to a local store that sells baby items that are unique to Walmart and Target. They have so many neat things to look at that are way above our price range and more for style. But I did find two things that I really liked:

1. Moby Wrap.
This wrap seems to be the perfect thing to hold the baby and have my hands free at the same time. Cooper is needing so much of my attention and use of my hands that I can't imagine having to hold baby at the same time. This way both their needs will be met. The downside: I won't be able to use it until he's at least 8 pounds. There is a risk of having the baby's airway blocked off by having their chin tucked to their chest. So until then it will be sitting in with the blankets.

2. Muslin Swaddle Blanket
This blanket will be perfect to wrap his little body in for this summer. It's light weight, slightly stretchy and really big! And I just really liked the blanket :) Ours has blue/tea/brown polka dots.

We are ready for baby to come. I got a call from the hospital to finish pre-registering for surgery. I have my very last doctor's appointment tomorrow. Things are set for Cooper to go to daycare on the 22nd for the very last time :(

Life as a family of 4 will be very exciting!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been sort of "nesting" lately and kind of freaking out about how Cooper's going to react to a new baby around. Then, as I was thinking about switching Cooper over to his big boy room I realized "poor kid! His life is going to change so much!" He's going to have a baby brother, his parents won't be able to spend 100% of the time with him, he's going to be "kicked" out of his room and out of his bed!! So after talking with Brady, he suggested we wait until my family leaves and then we'll go from there. We may just have to adjust with Cooper and we may just have to put the baby in the front room and keep Cooper where he's at. But then again, maybe he will absolutely love his big boy room and be just fine.

OH and we only have 11 days until baby boy is born!! YIKES!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The past week or so has been very difficult for me and Cooper. I know Cooper is teething, which makes him grumpy. Who can blame him?! Several teeth have came through in the past week and several more are working their way up. OUCH! Poor little guy. So my days consist of lots of crying at my feet (as seen below) and only wanting Mommy. Brady tries his hardest to hold him and comfort him but most of the time Cooper's arms are reaching out towards me. It makes my heart melt but I feel bad for Brady... and I can only carry him for so long before the contractions start up again.

My photoshoot at 34 weeks...with a crying baby wanting to be held.

Besides the crying and whining Cooper has grown up so much the past two weeks. I've been able to be with him every day and witness the things he's learning.

- His sign language is amazing! I've taught him "thank you" and "food". He uses them occasionally and signs them when asked. He started signing "more please" together and uses it often! His memory with sign language impresses me. I only have to show him one or two times for him to remember.
- a few verbal words he's mastered this last week are "dog" and "ball". He has learned "qak qak" for quack quack, "ooh ooh" for ruff ruff, "rawr" for a lion, and "mmmm" for a car/truck. I've heard him say a few words once and the newest is "juice". He also calls his binky and blanket "dididi" - not sure where that came from! And whenever something is lost/dropped/or not within reach he says "uh oh" and lately he goes "uh ohh dada".
- his favorite food: hot dogs. He knows that they go in the microwave so when he wants one he walks up and points to the microwave. He seriously will eat 2 or more in one sitting if we would let him! He also loves loves loves yogurt! He's a picky eater like his mama.
- his favorite animal - most definitely dogs. A dog comes on the TV and he immediately starts saying "ooh ooh". Actually, if there's any type of animal on TV or in his sight he says "ooh ooh".
- he has a favorite blanket. He carries it around the house everywhere. I put it in his crib and he always seems to get it out. If I hide it he walks around with his arms backwards saying "uh oh". He doesn't like it when Brady and I use it. He gets upset if I'm sitting on it or using it as a pillow.
- he has lead feet!!! I can hear him walking/running anywhere in the house.

Our little man is growing up so fast. He is looking/acting more like a toddler every day. I am enjoying my last few days with him before we have another little man to snuggle!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nap Time

Coop has successfully transitioned to 1 nap a day - one 3-4 hour nap! Here are some super cute pictures of him after a nap.

{he has his "ooh ooh" , his blanket, and his "dididi"}
"ooh ooh" = ruff ruff for dogs
"dididi" = binky

34 weeks

I've made it to 34 weeks!!! 2 1/2 weeks until this little guy is delivered!! Here are frequent questions:

- Are we ready?
How ready can you be for another baby...but mentally yes. Material wise...not so much. I haven't even started going through baby clothes. I did buy diapers though!!
- Name?
Mostly yes. We have one but if we randomly think of something "better" that's okay too. So for now we are not telling/announcing a name just in case we change our minds.
- How are you feeling?
pretty miserable. My contractions are becoming more intense but still not consistent. I am starting to have back labor, which is miserable but I had it with Kegan so I guess it doesn't surprise me. And the fact that I'm super low doesn't help with that. I've been having a lot of leg cramps and have a constant ache in my calves. I have no appetite and struggle sleeping. Typical pregnancy stuff!! I never felt this way with Cooper so it's a little discouraging and surprising. I'm starting to swell but it fluctuates a lot thank goodness!! I can still fit my wedding rings on but by the end of the day I'm too swollen. My hernia hurts and I can't wait for the little man to no longer be kicking in that area. I crave ice!! I bought a bag of sonic ice and it's almost gone. I'll go to Sonic during their happy hour to get half of drinks and ask for extra ice. seriously the best deal EVER! I go to the chiropractor each week and that helps so much with the back pain! I would be even more miserable without it! I am starting to feel anxious and antsy to have this baby here. I'm getting bored sitting/relaxing at home doing the same thing over and over. I kind of miss work but I LOVE being home with Cooper every day. He's my little shadow lately :) It's exactly what I needed before this little man gets here - more time with the other little man! Brady has been absolutely amazing and so supportive. He's not used to me being so uncomfortable but he's handling it well.
{34 weeks pregnant - notice the little hand touching my belly}

4th of July 2011

We didn't do much...again. Every holiday I've had to work and even though I didn't work this holiday we kept it simple due to all my crazy contractions. I searched online for things to do around town on the 4th and found nothing. Not even a parade!! I'm not sure if I just didn't see one online or not but parade?? Anyway here's our day:

- We were lazy and hung out at the house until about 11. I packed a picnic and loaded up bags to head to Shoshone Falls / Dierkes Lake.
- We went to the lake and found a place in the shade of a tree! It was beautiful and not too busy. We took Coop to the "lake" and he HATED it. He loves water but hated the sand. He kept coming up to Brady and I with his feet up wanting to be picked up. He would just stand there and cry! I did not expect that kind of reaction. He wouldn't even let me sit him down in the sand next to me. haha We then thought maybe lunch would be a good idea. Well, Cooper didn't want to just sit and eat. He wanted to run up to other groups of people and be all crazy. So we hurried up with the food and decided to leave. We were only there for an hour. AND of course I forgot the memory card to the camera! haha
- Cooper passed out on the way home and slept for a few hours. We did some cleaning and Brady took a nap too.
{Cooper watching The Sandlot}
{Coop and Mommy at 34 weeks}
- When Coop woke up we went to Sonic for some burgers and Walmart for some much needed milk and bread.
- Came home and got Cooper ready for bed. He was really tired and worn out. He slept for about an hour and then we got him up to head to fireworks. We grabbed some ice cream from McDonald's and went to find a spot to sit. Cooper enjoyed the fireworks and was pointing, saying "wow", and clapped after the big ones. He even saw the stars and was pointing at them.
- We came home and our neighbors were having a huge party. Let me tell you...some adults need to be more considerate of others and they also need to take control of their kids. But we all slept great after a LONG day.
{the Fam on the 4th!}
Next year will be better...but for now we enjoyed the weekend with just the 3 of us.