Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We have a camera!!

We finally broke down and purchased a new camera. It's nothing special but it will get us through a couple of years (if we don't break it again)! And we couldn't have bough it at a more perfect time. We were able to go to Blackfoot to attend our friend's baby blessing on Sunday! The blessing was beautiful! Travis and Alisha are wonderful parents and love her so much.
After church we were invited to have some muffins at Alisha's parents house and we visited with their families for a little while and headed home. Here are a few pictures...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow*

At work last Friday so many customers were telling me "There's a HUGE storm coming tonight!" So Brady and I were expecting to wake up to a few inches of snow...because a storm in Michigan means a couple inches of snow. We woke up Saturday morning with snow..but not as much as we expected. The only bad part about this "storm" was that the wind was terrible and the roads were icy as usual. But it has pretty much snowed everyday since! We are very grateful that we had our home fixed so that there will be no water damage this year. We are already sick of the cold weather and the icy roads!

Saturday we helped Travis and Alisha move down to Blackfoot. We are sad to see them go but we are way exicted for them to continue forward in life! The drive down was not very fun because of the "storm" but we made it there and back safely.

Saturday night we had a Christmas Party at the Page's new home! We were to have an ugly Christmas sweater contest and a white elephant gift exchange. Well, Brady and I never made it to purchase an ugly sweather and we totally bombed the gift exchange. We had never done a white elephant gift exchange before, and we were told to bring a cheap, kind of funny gift. So Brady and I brought a plunger! haha everyone needs a plunger right? We thought it was funny but it did not go along with the game. I must say I felt pretty dumb! Oh well. But we had fun playing games, drinking hot chocolate, and eating cookies!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The semester is coming to an END!! Thank goodness! I am only taking one class (anatomy and physiology) but I am tired of studying and worrying about this class. I took the first half of the course in the summer so I have been studying the body since April! Talk about over load! Brady is still doing AMAZING at his school work. Poor guy never gets a break but in a few weeks he gets two weeks off!! He's pretty excited!

Thanksgiving was wonderful as always! We spent the day with Brady's family that came up from Utah and had a potluck type dinner. It was yummy but we both really missed family back in Michigan. We also went to a friends house for some delicious pie! It's always fun to see a bunch of people on holidays!

So you might be wondering why I haven't posted any pictures...well that's because we had an accident with our camera. We are so bummed with the holiday approaching and no camera to take pictures. I guess we'll just have to get by with other people's pictures.

We are anxious for Alisha to have her baby girl and for Nate and Chelsea to move back to Rexburg to add to our fun!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!!