Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday! It wasn't anything special to me-just another day but Brady made it special and all about me. Unfortunately, I spent most of my day on campus studying, going to class, and trying to figure things out for next semester. However, last night Brady took me to Olive Garden - where I had a yummy salad, bread sticks, and fettucini alfredo - and we had our good friends Brandon and Cristina with us! We then went to the mall (to find out it was closing) and Target just for the fun of it. I also opened presents from Brady and he did so good! He got me some cute clothes that I can wear while being pregnant! I REALLY needed some and he has great taste is clothes :) I also got some pajama pants (which are AMAZING), the movie The Proposal, and some cute slippers! Overall, it was a great birthday and I can't believe that I am one year older.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been such a grump lately! I haven't wanted to do anything related to school work at all and all I want to do is sit in my PJ's and do nothing. Of course I talked to Brady about how I have been feeling and we thought that I should do something fun for myself. And we couldn't think of anything since this whole last year has consisted of me working ridiculously hard to get straight A's in the nursing program. However, I do have this LOVE for crocheting and we thought that I should make our little guy a blanket. I haven't made anything in so long but I have enjoyed sitting in the same room with Brady and relaxing while I crochet my little heart out for our little guy :) It's simple but for a little boy, I think it needs to be. Here are some pictures of the blanket so far:

So aside from studying, crocheting, eating, and sleeping things have been pretty laid back in our home. The semester is halfway done and the cold weather has hit us pretty hard. We are not excited for the snow to come. The leaves have fallen and it seems like we completely missed the transition into fall :( I do not like fall here in Idaho-there are not enough trees to see the beauty of this time of year. Everything is just brown and looks dead. However, that does mean that our little guy will be here in a few months!

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger! I feel him moving just about all day long now-I'm starting to wonder if he ever sleeps. Some of my favorite foods have been anything with tomato sauce. Spaghetti, spaghetti O's, lasagna, tacos, tomato soup, beef stew...they all taste so delicious! But still no cravings so that's been great! We know we're going to name him Cooper-we just can't think of a middle name. Oh well, it'll come to us someday. 

Brady had one of his last soccer games for one (of three) teams the other night and it happened to be their first loss of the season. He still has two teams he's playing for and they will be ending shortly because of the cold weather this time of the year. I also must continue to brag about my husband! He got ANOTHER raise! And this may not be surprising to some of you but his first raise this year was a few months ago and with some company changes we didn't think that he was going to get one, but then they surprised us and rewarded him for his excellent work. And this one we didn't think he would get because he just had one a few months ago-but they still surprised us! Now, this job of his isn't anything spectacular but it gets us by until I graduate and we move on from Rexburg, Idaho. It has given him some great experiences and patience with other people. We are very grateful for his job and how well they have treated him. Keep up the good work huni!

Halloween is coming and that means my birthday is coming up as well. We don't have anything planned except for dinner with another couple. We plan on going to Olive Garden and then just hanging out afterwards. It should be a fun weekend-full of studying and little children in costumes!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Boys Clothes

Ever since we found out we are having a boy, I have been trying my hardest to find great deals on boys clothes. It is soo difficult to find anything cute in the stores for little boys. They all have cheesy pictures and sayings on them that I am not a fan of. My friend in the nursing program - who is a mother of three - suggested going to The Children's Place online sale items and find a coupon online to use for the website. This is seriously the BEST idea anyone has ever told me! There are things on the website that I am finding for less than $5 for cute polo shirts and cargo shorts (for next summer of course). Along with the coupons I am's a GREAT deal!

Where do you find cheap clothes and good deals for children?? I NEED HELP!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A little baby update

We had a doctor's appointment today for just a check up. We really wanted another ultrasound so our very nice doctor did another one for us (even though we had one 1 month ago). It's a good thing he did because we are now having a BOY! It's no mistaking it this time! We are shocked but so excited! He is healthy and growing perfectly. We were able to see little sucking motions and he gave us a great big yawn! He's so handsome and already looks just like his daddy (seriously has his nose)! We're going to have so much fun with a little boy...but I have to admit I'm sad to give up the pink, bows, and dresses :( We also weren't able to get a very good picture of his profile or anything cute except for his little boy part that proves he is a boy! He just wiggles WAY too much for a good picture-that little stinker-the whole point of the ultrasound today was to get me a good picture! 

So I wasn't going to post a picture but I felt the need to show everyone that it's for sure a boy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Time!

This weekend was our niece's baby blessing! She's 2 months old and so adorable! Tara, Derek, and Eva came up to spend this special event with her. Here are a few pictures from this weekend-unfortunately I didn't get one single picture of Tara's belly or Eva...but maybe next time.

The DePew's
I caught one of the smiles she gives me
Just thought I'd throw in my 21 week picture. If you're looking for an update on our little family-check out the blog! Click on the picture that's in the right margin.
The blessing was perfect and Phoebe looked beautiful! Kayla made her blessing dress and did such a wonderful job. It's so much fun getting Brady's family together. It doesn't happen very often but when it does we always seem to have a blast! I love seeing our niece's and nephews grow up and I am so excited to have more to come! Our next nephew to come is baby boy Bleazard in November!

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 2009

Well, things are still GREAT here in our home. School is pretty insane (and I am procrastinating by writing this post) but I have enjoyed what I have learned so far this semester. I am going full time - which in Nursing means about double time! This pregnancy makes attending class and getting homework done more difficult because of the exhaustion that won't go away. But Brady has been a wonderful husband and helps me just about every single night! Homework would not get done if it wasn't for him.

Our little girl is still active as ever and I am enjoying the little kicks and punches she gives me. She's starting to react to things pushing up against my belly - such as a school book or my laptop and of course my pants. For more updates on our little girl go to this LINK.

Brady has been super busy these past couple weeks. He is on 3 soccer teams (1 competitive and 2 intramural), still working full time, helping me with my homework (as noted above), and playing in the garage! He has been working very diligently on a headboard, footboard, night stands, dresser and will soon be working on baby items. Here are pictures of the newly finished dresser that he stained for us.
This is also our new headboard and footboard that he is still in the process of finishing.
I am so proud of Brady for making these things for our bedroom! It makes him so happy to finally have all the tools to accomplish something so great.