Thursday, December 12, 2013

Picture Update 1.

This kiddo loves the water
 in our Sunday best
 Cooper's first gun
 of course we played soccer daily this summer!
 and the sprinkler
 lots of running
 the boys planted a flower for me.
 our first attempt at fishing.  We went fishing again when it was warmer...boys lost interest after the first cast.
 water guns!

 Father's Day

 less laundry ;)  these boys ran around naked every day!
 Kegan turned 6 years old

 Cooper's scooter for pooping on the potty - however that was the 2nd and last time he did. (Crew likes it more than Cooper)

 I planted beautiful flowers this summer! Too bad they died after Mya was born. At least my kiddos weren't neglected!
 We all LOVE it when Dad comes home!
 Crew had a big 2nd birthday party!

Mya is crying. More to come...

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I haven't posted in 7 months!

The summer was eventful.
Baby girl Mya is here and colicky as ever.
Three children in the house, under the age of 4, have rocked our a very challenging way.
Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We are having a BABY!!!

We are so excited and pleased to announce that we are having another baby!! I am due September 13th (my Dad's birthday).  But with my history this little peanut will be born around August 16th.  And with that we are extremely excited to announce that we are having a...


We were really hoping for a girl because with my health...and I have to admit our mental state...we have no future plans for another child.  I am now 20 weeks along and feeling much better.  Between two crazy boys, working night shift, and being pregnant I am ALWAYS exhausted!

Here are pictures of our ultrasound that was done when I was 18 weeks.  Our next ultrasound is this coming week and I will be 1 day shy of 21 weeks.

Sucking her thumb.


This year was pretty laid back.  Reed and Laura came to celebrate this year!  We made a delicious meal on Saturday.  The Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning and ate left overs that day.

The boys checking out their baskets!  Cooper is showing Crew what he got.
 Crew loved the jelly beans inside the eggs!  He couldn't get enough of them!

 Some sweet neighbor or friend (we don't know who did this) "egged" us!  There were lots of eggs for the kids out in the front yard filled with candy.

 after breakfast we had our own little egg hunt in the back yard.

 I didn't do Cooper's hair that morning..I promise it didn't stay like that for long!

 Crew ended up having red, goopey eyes so Cooper and I were the only ones that went to church.

 And here's a picture of the boys in their matching Easter outfits a few weeks later!! What handsome little boys!!