Friday, December 9, 2011

New things

Exciting things!!

Crew is ROLLING OVER!!! yay!! poor kid hates tummy time so he doesn't get it much...especially with Cooper around. The second he starts crying Cooper goes a little crazy too. SO when he kept rolling over from his tummy to back we were a little shocked! The kid does the same moves and tries hard to get his arms in the perfect spot. But he's a pro! I have a video of course but it takes forever to up load (I need to figure out how to do it differently).

Cooper seems to be advancing with everything. More specifically he recognizes the shape of a star, knows the letter M and S. And when I ask where the letter U is he points to himself :) Super cute! It only took 2 full days to teach him to stay out of the tree! He's LOVING baths more (how is that possible??!) when he's in it he says it's "ni aka nice over and over. He would sit and splash forever if we let him.

I am loving my job and start NICU in January. I am super nervous but will learn a LOT about babies. It's a different world with babies and I am excited to start that journey. But I do love working on the pediatric unit for now. It's AMAZING!! I miss my boys when I am at work but in all honesty...I need a little adult time and they need that play time/structured learning time. Crew isn't afraid of anybody and Cooper absolutely loves to play with other children. He's a much happier child since we started back at day care. He gets so bored playing with mom! They only go 2 days a week and I'm happy with that.

Brady is doing awesome at work as always. They are in the process of hiring a new receptionist, which is good experience for him. He had his ankle looked at and we are considering doing corrective surgery on it at some point but the recovery time is ridiculous so we're going to wait a year or two (his ligaments are completely detached from his ankle so there is not much support except a little muscle).

So that's us recently. A lot of changes going on. We are always crazy busy but we are trying to enjoy our little boys as much as we can!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


cuddling with daddy
 movie night with mom and dad!! he watched the ENTIRE movie Polar Express.
 he cracks up at my "funny" faces
 our newest blessing! he melts everyone's heart with his huge smile.
I am the luckiest mama to have 4 wonderful boys in my life!
We will always be short one little boy in our family pictures but he's always in our hearts.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I need to be better about writing down cute things our boys do. I have a journal next to my bed that is neglected and I know I need to take more time to write things down.

This morning Cooper did something super cute that I absolutely loved!

He's been VERY good at saying please and thank you for everything. As I was grabbing things to make breakfast Cooper ran into the pantry. Then I hear a little "dank you". I glanced in and he had the biggest smile and a graham cracker!

I though it was super cute that he said thank you to himself :)

Another thing he's been doing is saying sorry to Crew a LOT. He'll touch him even the slightest bit roughly and says "sawee" (sorry) and then immediately says "sof" (soft) and touches him softly.

It's so sweet that he loves his brother so much!

Friday, December 2, 2011

4 months

Crew turned 4 months in November. We had his check up and he weighed in at 11 pounds and 23 inches long. He's still a little guy and I LOVE it!! He had his shots of course and did pretty well. Thankfully it was time to eat so as soon as he was eating he was fine. He's a champ!

The doctor said he's doing really well...just needs more tummy time. :) It's hard to get him on his tummy with super Cooper running around non stop!! I fear for his life even if I'm on the ground protecting him. Cooper is super strong and you never know when he's just going to trip and fall!!

-Crew has rolled over once and has yet to do it since. But he tries and it's super cute.
-He's chewing on his hands ALL the time and is drooling a TON. I think he's starting to teeth because his gums are really red.
-His eyes are slowly turning a dark grey. I miss those blue eyes!
-He loves to cuddle! It's pretty much the best.
-Still sleeps through the night. He doesn't even cry himself to sleep. We swaddle him and he passes out! or he lays awake and then falls asleep. No crying at all :)
-Likes to play with toys. He's mastered the reaching thing and enjoys anything that makes a sound.
-loves the tv. We have to have the tv off constantly when he's awake because he will fight to see the tv.

So that's a little bit of information about our 4 month old! He's super sweet and so so cute!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Quick.

We have been super busy with me working and cuddling our two wild boys! Everyone is happy and working towards being healthy (silly head colds). But here are a few pictures to look at...

Crew and I cuddling before bed. He loves his little giraffe that rattles.
Crew and Mommy again.
He finally dared to get in :(
Thanksgiving dinner! We are pretty sure he is a lefty. he eats, writes, kicks, and throws with his left side.