Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It's been awhile since I've uploaded any pictures from our camera. I thought since I have finished my 20+ page research paper, I would take time to do a little update-or maybe a big one.

Halloween was awhile ago, but it was so fun to see the little kiddos dressed up. I did homework all day long, but we had a few visitors. Little monkey Broden came to see us! He was so cute in his costume and his parents didn't look too bad either!
Kayla and Spencer had reserved the community room here and invited a bunch of friends to come hang out. We stopped by for a little bit and ate some yummy food. Here is a picture of Phoebe as a cute ghost! Gabe was already in his PJ's but he was a cute monkey.
November flew by and we cannot believe it's already December! We have been busy with school work. And I do mean "we". Brady has been pretty helpful this semester helping me with anything possible. Being pregnant really drains it out of me. I don't remember the last pregnancy being this tiring! I have been doing 12 hour clinicals the past few weeks and have absolutely LOVED being at the hospital. I am working at the Women's Center in Idaho Falls. This is where any women who have surgery or have a baby come and stay for a little bit. It's so fun to be around amazing women. And I have to brag a little bit! I was up for over 24 hours the other day and even though I was exhausted...I think I did pretty good for being 27 weeks pregnant!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We spent Thanksgiving day with Brady's family and had a wonderful meal together. We then left for Utah to visit Tara and Derek and their little kids. We absolutely love spending time with them! We don't see them very often so it's always great to hang out with them. Tara just had a baby boy on the 18th! He is soo adorable and we enjoyed snuggling with him while we were there. Eva is getting really big and LOVES to jibber jabber all day!
Baby Baron snuggling with Mommy...
Eva giving me a fake smile...
Eva giving Brady kisses...
While Brady and I were in Utah, we went shopping and bought furniture for the nursery! We almost couldn't fit the rocker in the car, but Brady eventually fit it in our back seat. It was an interesting situation! We also went to see Jake and Rudi who were in American Fork...they were sick with the flu so we didn't see them for too long, but we always look forward to seeing them whenever we can.

As December has approached us we have been extremely busy with school work and trying to get things ready for Cooper! We purchased a crib at Target last night and the box didn't fit in the car! So, Brady had to take it out of the box and stick it in the back seat. We made it home just fine and he put it up right away since it was in pieces everywhere. It's adorable and I am so glad we found a cheap crib that looks good. (no pictures until the room is finished-sorry!)

School ends in 2 weeks and we are SO excited!

For an update on Cooper...check out his blog :)