Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crews talking

I wanted to make a list of things crew has said:

Oh wow
Choo choo
 "Ni ni" for night night
"Da dou" for thank you
What's that
"Didi" for binky
"Ra ra" for rock rock
When he tries to say soccer ball he says "ba ba ball" (the syllables) and same as football it's "ba ball" (the syllables)
Uh oh
Animal noises: dog, monkey, cow, owl, lion, dinosaur, duck, and a great personalized noise of a horse
Cheese (for a picture)

His first two word phrase: bye dada

I know this is a very, long, incredible list for a 15 month old. Trust me, we are surprised. At his check up he ask me "what's that?" While pointing at something and the nurse looked at me and said"did he
really just say that?" He learns things fast. He already loves to color and scribbles an amazing amount of lines. He is now a good walker and is trying to run like his brother. He's definitely a mamas boy and wants to cuddle often. He has lots of teeth coming in. He loves baths. He does the motions toasty bitty spider (Brady couldn't believe it)! If he hears someone humming he will start humming too. He
fake whistles. Blows kisses. Now gives closed mouth kisses.  Dances! Pushes cars around making a "mmmmm" sound. Favorite food is bananas. Does not like mashed potatoes. Motions an airplane. Seriously, I could go on and on! He's so smart! He and cooper are so different from each other. I like it. It's fun to see the differences between the boys!

And one more thing. He LOVES to tease cooper. I knows how to make him so mad!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Posts!

I have posted several new posts below.  5 of them to be exact!  Enjoy!!

Twin Falls County Fair

We went to the fair with our good friends Eric and Sarah.  Their son, Wade, is Cooper's best friend!!  The boys have so much fun together!

Here Wade is being such a brave boy and petting a baby cow.
 Cooper's bravest moment with the cows! He was scared.
 Wade is a true farmer!! He loved the cows!
 Crew didn't know what to think.
 Wade even sat on the cow!
 Cooper was a fan of the rabbits :)
 And goats.  The boys were able to feed them peanuts.
 I had Crew facing the goats and I turned around to watch Brady milking the goat (see pic below).  Then the stroller started to shake.  The little goat was nibbling/sniffing (not really sure which) Crew's feet!!  Crew was NOT a fan of the goat touching him!
 Brady milked a goat.
 Cooper telling Crew all about the goats
 and of course all the fresh air and walking around tired them out!
We also were able to sit on tractors and see Thomas the train!  They had so much fun and we enjoyed being a part of it.

Bath Time!!

fCrew never.ever. gets baths alone. and I mean NEVER.  This night Brady took Cooper outside so I could give him a bath.  Crew played and loved the whole tub to himself!!

Cupboards and Cookies

Cooper randomly said "oh no Crew!"  This is what we saw :)  
 Our little man had crawled into the cabinets and was just playing around!
 thankfully I keep the things that are "okay" to play with in the reachable cabinets.
 And I made cookies.  Our other oven didn't have a light or a window to look into so this was the first time I actually showed them the special window!  Thankfully our oven door doesn't get hot.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out it doesn't even get warm!

 little fingers and curious eyes.  I LOVE it!

Kids Fest

Twin Falls started a "Kids Fest" where vendors set up tables and have things all related to children.  St. Luke's had a few tables and NICU had a set up.  They had lots of fun things to do!

Here's aerobics....I forget the term they used but Cooper wanted to get up on stage.  As soon as we got there he just stood.  I was proud that he even wanted to go on up!
 a little booth where we took pictures and used stamps to paint a picture.
 sitting in an ambulance.  It was a lot more fun than when we went with Crew as a baby.
 We went to see the CSI's museum and here they offered ice water.
We also did hula hoops, saw fire trucks, police cars, and got lots of stickers and balloons!! The kids had a blast and we will definitely be going next year.

Annual Work Party

Since Brady's worked at the office here in Twin, they've always had a summer BBQ at a park.  This year everyone thought it would be fun to have it at our house.  It turned out to be a perfect night and everyone had a ton of fun!

Playing games.  They had golf balls in the bottom of the tights and had to swing them to knock over the bottles.

 some of the boys had fun playing in the dirt!

 Cooper enjoyed having company and running around with the big kids
 and he liked to help me play the game

 everyone having a good time!

 Kourtney is no longer in the office.  We will sure miss her and her family.
 Another game.  Hang a banana from the back side and swing it to hit an orange into a designated area.

 The little kids did awesome!

We had a lot of food and good company.  We're so grateful to be in the branch here at Twin Falls.  We've met a lot of wonderful people and hope to continue to strengthen friendships.