Thursday, December 4, 2008


The semester is coming to an END!! Thank goodness! I am only taking one class (anatomy and physiology) but I am tired of studying and worrying about this class. I took the first half of the course in the summer so I have been studying the body since April! Talk about over load! Brady is still doing AMAZING at his school work. Poor guy never gets a break but in a few weeks he gets two weeks off!! He's pretty excited!

Thanksgiving was wonderful as always! We spent the day with Brady's family that came up from Utah and had a potluck type dinner. It was yummy but we both really missed family back in Michigan. We also went to a friends house for some delicious pie! It's always fun to see a bunch of people on holidays!

So you might be wondering why I haven't posted any pictures...well that's because we had an accident with our camera. We are so bummed with the holiday approaching and no camera to take pictures. I guess we'll just have to get by with other people's pictures.

We are anxious for Alisha to have her baby girl and for Nate and Chelsea to move back to Rexburg to add to our fun!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!!


Rudi said...

Cute background! It was so nice talking with you today. Hopefully someday, when we're both done with school, our visits will be more regular! And maybe then our visits will be in person :) What happened to your camera??

Sunshine said...

Hey! It's good to hear your update. Your blog looks so cute! I love your wedding picture - ADORABLE! I'm glad you're doing well.

Travis N Alisha said...

Ah!! Sounds like a blast...we miss you guys.

Nathan & Rachael said...

Hey guys! We miss you. Can we get your address? Christmas card time! Good Luck with finals! You guys are awesome for working so hard. And I am so in love with your wedding pic you added!

Kevin & Maryann ZELLER said...

OMG no camera, I don't know what I would do without mine..... Glad to hear all is well. Are you coming to town for Christmas? Love you and good luck on your finals..

and soon to be three. said...

YAY! we cant wait to move back too! thats too bad about your camera! what a bad time to have that happen!