Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ellis Update!

I have been such a blogger slacker lately! I have not had any time to do an update...but we have been very busy and have so much new going on! So I'll kind of go in a list that is in no particular order.

1. We still have time to spend with each other...just every once in awhile 
2. Brady is GRADUATING May 2!!

3. We have spent LOTS of time with friends and their little children!

4. We have friends who like to come a visit!

5. We got a BRAND new CaR!! 2008 Suzuki Forenza! Brady drives it and it's soooo nice compared to his truck and my car. We lOVe it!!

6. Our friends had a baby boy! Broden Peck is so handsome!

7. Nursing school is hard work...or is it??
Well, the semester is coming to an like 8 DAYS! I am so excited for a little break (10 days to be exact). I am planning on sleeping, catching up on house work and enjoy spending time with Brady!


Lindsey said...

Congrats Brady on graduating!

I like reading the updates. Keep them coming.

Katie Petersen said...

Yeah! We made it on your blog. I know it is pathetic but last Saturday Tagg and I were thinking about how just left Provo the weekend to see y'all and we were already ready to leave again. Can't wait to see you at Brady's graduation!

Derek said...

We miss you guys! We're excited to see you in a couple of weeks.

Travis, Alisha & Makenna said...

Oh Kels!! I am so glad you updated your blog. We are really gonna miss you guys. Tell Brady Congrats!!

Bree said...

Good luck with finals...and ENJOY your break!!! Congrats to Brady on graduating!! That's awesome!

Triz said...

That's so great that Brady is graduating in a few weeks! Please tell him I said Congrats! He must be so excited!

I hope you get to enjoy your mini-break. I was out west last week and I know mine flew past in a heart beat!!

Well, miss you and I'm glad you are doing so well!