Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yay for Friends!

On July 3rd, our friends Alisha and Travis came up for a visit! We haven't seen them since they moved to Washington and it was SO much fun to have them back in Rexburg! Our friends Chelsea and Nate came over for the day to spend time with them too! The day went by fast and as usual, tears were shed as they headed home :( We miss you guys!!

I didn't get very many pictures...sorry! But here are the few that I have of the kiddos playing together!

Broden (not the best sorry Chels!)

Makenna and her big eyes!

Makenna wanted to play but Broden didn't really know what was going on

I LOVE these kids!


Robison Family said...

That was so much fun but I hate saying good-bye!! We love you guys so much. I love you.

Nathan & Rachael said...

Ahh! You cute kids...all of you! Good Byes are no fun at all, but we better all keep in touch. It's been a year since we left Rexburg now. Crazy! Kels hope your classes are going well and that you and Brady are doing great! Hopefully we'll see you in Sept!