Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kasey is here!

My sister, Kasey, is here visiting for 2 weeks! I picked her up last Monday from the SLC Airport and spent the afternoon shopping in SLC. Unfortunately, that trip was cut short because of my kidney stone but we enjoyed ourselves. We haven't done too much since she's been here...there's only so much you can do in the town of Rexburg! But we've played lots of games and have watched many movies. This past weekend we took her to Yellowstone National Park. We reserved a campsite and camped on Friday night and drove around the park on Saturday. I have NEVER been so disappointed with our trips there. We saw: 1 buffalo, a few elk, 1 antelope, 1 grizzly bear, 1 black bear with 2 cubs. We were very upset and felt that Kasey didn't get the full excitement of Yellowstone.
Other than Yellowstone, we have gone shopping in Idaho Falls, went to the pool, tanned, read our books, and went to see The Proposal (which was awesome!).

Next on our list: Jackson Hole, possibly the hospital (Kayla is currently contracting consistently every 6 minutes), Rigby Lake, Teton National Park, and G's Dairy Delight!!


Tia Saxton said...

Fun! I wish I was there to meet your sister. Oh I've been meaning to tell you, Michael got me acquire for my birthday and I think of you guys every time we play it! Hope everything goes good for Kayla! Let me know when the baby comes! Miss you!!

Tara said...

Sweet you guys! We can't wait to see you next Monday. I'm so glad you have a bit of time for fun Kelsey.

Robison Family said...

Oh how fun!! I hope you guys enjoy your time together. I love all the things your planning on doing..man I miss G's...love you.