Thursday, December 12, 2013

Picture Update 1.

This kiddo loves the water
 in our Sunday best
 Cooper's first gun
 of course we played soccer daily this summer!
 and the sprinkler
 lots of running
 the boys planted a flower for me.
 our first attempt at fishing.  We went fishing again when it was warmer...boys lost interest after the first cast.
 water guns!

 Father's Day

 less laundry ;)  these boys ran around naked every day!
 Kegan turned 6 years old

 Cooper's scooter for pooping on the potty - however that was the 2nd and last time he did. (Crew likes it more than Cooper)

 I planted beautiful flowers this summer! Too bad they died after Mya was born. At least my kiddos weren't neglected!
 We all LOVE it when Dad comes home!
 Crew had a big 2nd birthday party!

Mya is crying. More to come...

1 comment:

Taggart Petersen said...

Those boys look like they're best buddies. I love the Fathers Day letter "A" picture. I'm pretty sure Coop is saying, "Mom, this doesn't feel natural".

Hope you guys are well!