Sunday, April 28, 2013


This year was pretty laid back.  Reed and Laura came to celebrate this year!  We made a delicious meal on Saturday.  The Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning and ate left overs that day.

The boys checking out their baskets!  Cooper is showing Crew what he got.
 Crew loved the jelly beans inside the eggs!  He couldn't get enough of them!

 Some sweet neighbor or friend (we don't know who did this) "egged" us!  There were lots of eggs for the kids out in the front yard filled with candy.

 after breakfast we had our own little egg hunt in the back yard.

 I didn't do Cooper's hair that morning..I promise it didn't stay like that for long!

 Crew ended up having red, goopey eyes so Cooper and I were the only ones that went to church.

 And here's a picture of the boys in their matching Easter outfits a few weeks later!! What handsome little boys!!

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