Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July Weekend!

So we had an eventful 4th of July weekend...sorry it's taken so long to post :) First of all...everyone knows how much Brady loves soccer! So for Father's day I purchased Real Salt Lake (soccer) tickets for the July 3rd game. We had a BLAST! We had amazing seats...6 rows up on the 50 yard line! It was so much fun but I did get a little nervous about the soccer balls that came up into the stands!

Friday was the 4th and Brady had taken me to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo. I had never been there before so I enjoyed seeing the waterfall. Unfortunately that day wasn't the most fun...we both had to do some homework and Brady had a really bad headache so we went back to Tara and Derek's for the night.

ay, July 5th, was Tagg and Katie's wedding!! We drove up to Logan and attended their sealing and then Brady was Tagg's best man so we were at all the events following their sealing. It was a LONG day but we had so much fun! I thought the Logan temple was BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had time to take more pictures of it...oh well.

Sunday, July 6th, was another big day! We attended two baby blessings...Eva and Everett's. Eva is our niece and Everett is the son of our good friends here in Rexburg. We were so grateful to be able to attend both of their special days :)

Now all we are doing is trying to get through the last week of school! We both have straight A's and hope to maintain that grade! Wish us luck!


Rudi said...

straight a's! woot woot!

trisha rae said...

wow Kelsey this looks nice!

I love the new layout!

Brady and Kelsey said...

Thanks! I had fun doing it :) It took a lot of my "studying" time but oh well, I like it!

Scott & Melinda said...

O I love your layout and the pictures on the top and everything. It's so cute! Thanks for the yummy cookies, those things were amazing. I think I might eat them all!