Friday, July 25, 2008

School's Out...FINALLY!

Brady and I have been out of school for a week and it has been an AMAZING week!! Brady ended up with an A in his class and I ended up with 3 A's and 1 A-. I'm really proud of Brady for working so hard on his classes. I feel online classes are much more demanding than a regular class and I know that I do not have the self motivation he does to complete all the assignments. Since shool has been out we have started to read the books we love over again, went to the Teton Dam, gone to the park a few times, and hung out with friends!

Here are a few pictures of us at the Teton Dam. We went looking for jade with Brady's dad and it was so pretty!

Here are some pictures of our friends right before they left for New York and our other friends who are leaving for Washington. It's a sad week...

I've also gone down to the pool with Kayla and Gabe a few times and here are some adorable pictures of Gabe in the water!


Rudi said...

Glad to see you're having fun and enjoying your newfound freedom! Good job with the grades :) Very nice. Less than a month till we come visit! We're having the RS campout tonight, we'll miss you!

Brady and Kelsey said...

We can't wait until you guys come out here! it'll be fun! I wish I could go to the campout tonight :( Tell everyone I said hello!