Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yay for school!

Well, this semester has been, umm...interesting.  I have never been so busy during a semester and it's only been two full weeks.  It's consisted of late nights...like 1:00 am and up at 5:45-6:00 the next morning.  Lets just say that I am exhausted!! AND to add on top of it...I went and reviewed a test that I had taken last week.  The test was a weird one and we had to answer only 80 out of 105.  If we answered more than 80 it would count against us.  I had earned a 93.7% on this test and wanted to review the answers I had got wrong.  The scantron thing had counted one of my blank answers as a correct answer so long story short...I am going to end up with a 92.5% for being honest.  AND you know what my teacher said to me?? "Kelsey, you can't always be an A++ student."  We'll just have to see about that!

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