Thursday, June 11, 2009


Well, I'm sorry I haven't updated this thing in awhile.  We have been super busy as usual and it's going to be even CrAZieR!  Mid term grades went out this week... I hate to admit that I have poor grades this semester :( I have never had this low of grades and I'm really disappointed in I will be putting more hours into homework and studying.

On the upside of things! Brady and I are going to Michigan in August and we are going to HAWAII in December!!! We are very anxious to see family on both vacations and be able to spend time with each other.  I am EXTREMELY anxious to get away from campus!! I have to say I have been going to school straight since January except for a week break in between semesters...and I wouldn't really call it a break because we were assigned homework our first day "off"!  I am worn out!

Sorry about not posting any pictures.  I have misplaced the camera cord and my Mac won't take our SD card.


Tia Saxton said...

Hawaii!!! I wish we could come! We miss you guys a TON!

Robison Family said...

Sorry things have been so busy, but that's awesome you have so many fun trips planned. We can't wait to see you guys. Love ya.

Melinda said...

How is school? I hope it is going well, so jealous of your fun trips but you guys deserve it! Miss you!