Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend Brady had the opportunity to bless Cooper at church. It was an amazing blessing and I am so proud of them both! Cooper was awake and didn't even make a peep through the whole thing!! Some special people that attended the blessing were Grandpa Ellis, Uncle Spencer, Brandon Gates, Nate Peck, Kyle Cooke, Rob Harvey, and Bishop Stone. We were sad that Great Grandpa Ellis, Uncle Derek, and Tagg Petersen were unable to be there.

Here are a few pictures that were taken after the blessing...

he wasn't very happy after church.
Aunt Kayla made his blessing outfit!
Grandpa and Grandma Ellis
The family
3 Generations...there are 4 with Great Grandpa Ellis
Mom and Dad


Robison Family said...

Oh, congrats mommy and daddy!! He is so adorable, I cant wait to see him this weekend

Tara said...

wow you guys we're so sorry we missed out. kelsey, you're looking great!

Taggart Petersen said...

Just saw this post from a year and a half ago. So nice that you mentioned me, I wish we could have been there!

Hope you guys are doing well, although I'm sure your hands are full with those studly boys. We miss you guys!