Tuesday, March 30, 2010

End of March

Ever since Cooper has been born my family have been keeping updated through our blog! That gives me more desire to update this thing! Thanks to all of you who keep in touch through here :) I will try my best to keep it updated with exciting news and pictures.
Cooper's expression when Missy walked by

Now for an update! Things are starting to slow down...at least in my head and I feel a little less stressed. Let me outline the details:
Cooper napping after being outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather

House Hunting/Job:
Brady and I went house hunting this past weekend. We looked at 5 houses and we found one that we REALLY liked. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, stainless steel appliances, pantry, laundry room, large 2 car garage, fenced in back yard...basically everything we are looking for! However, the square footage was smaller than what we wanted and the living room was extremely small (we wouldn't be able to fit both couches in there). All the other houses were decent but needed some work (and a few needed a TON of work). After discussing it and trying to figure out our budget with still owning our townhome we decided to look for a rental unit. We want to save up enough money to put down a great down payment so that we can buy the house that we want. We also want to figure out what we're going to do with our current home (either rent it or sell it). So that's the plan for now. Brady starts his new job in Twin Falls on May 12th! He is excited and pretty nervous but I know he will do great! I also plan to find a nursing job once we get settled in. I would like to work a few days a month on the weekends...so we'll see how that goes. There is one current hospital in Twin and one under construction that won't open until 2011. So there should be plenty of opportunities for me-that is if I pass the NCLEX exam.
outside for the first time without being snuggled in the carseat

I GRADUATE IN 10 DAYS!!! I have 4 more exams for nursing and of course other exams for other classes. Only 2 more class days and one weekend of studying/homework. I can't wait to be done and focus on taking the NCLEX.
Nap time with his bear and on his tummy-Look at those chubby cheeks

Our Son:
Cooper is feeling so much better! He is getting heavier and longer. He is growing out of his newborn clothes (yes, he is 6.5 weeks old and still fits into newborn). He just started cooing every once in awhile and it's so cute! He loves, loves, loves bath time. His little arms just extend completely out to the sides and his legs are straight and relaxed. He smiles up until the point we start scrubbing his little body (he doesn't like that part so much). He also is not so constipated. He went potty 3 days in a row - woohoo! We never thought we would be excited about having a poopy diaper but he is so much happier! He doesn't like to be held when he's tired anymore. He gets really fussy and wants to be put down to sleep AND he likes to be swaddled now. So when it comes to nap time or bed time we swaddle him and put him down in his crib he fusses for a few minutes and then sleeps! It's amazing but I miss cuddling with him when he's sleepy. We stayed at Travis and Alisha's house while we were in Twin and the first night he slept the entire night! We were pretty shocked and very happy...but the second night he didn't sleep at all. Then last night he slept ALL night long! From 8:30 to 9:00 waking up at 4 to eat. We are hoping that he will start being more consistent.

So that's all for now. Here's a cute little video for my mom (and anyone else)...don't mind my voice. I am fighting a terrible cold and sound really weird.


Rudi said...

Yeah, I love reading your blog posts :) Good to know what's going on with you! I need to be better at updating mine. I can't believe Cooper's still in newborn clothes! Lila will probably be out of hers in a few days, lol. She's huge.

Katie Petersen said...

Sounds like things are going great! Good luck with the move. Tagg and I will be moving to Dallas when I am about 37 weeks pregnant. Not really looking forward to that but we are excited to be moving on with life. Cooper is looking so cute! Getting bigger that is for sure.

carin said...

Honey I love all the photos of Cooper - thanks for keeping your blog spot updated!! I enjoy hearing all the news and seeing all the updated pictures of Cooper. Sure do miss all of you and especially miss not being able to see Cooper more!!! Give him a big hug and kiss from Grandma!!!! xo - xo