Monday, December 5, 2011


I need to be better about writing down cute things our boys do. I have a journal next to my bed that is neglected and I know I need to take more time to write things down.

This morning Cooper did something super cute that I absolutely loved!

He's been VERY good at saying please and thank you for everything. As I was grabbing things to make breakfast Cooper ran into the pantry. Then I hear a little "dank you". I glanced in and he had the biggest smile and a graham cracker!

I though it was super cute that he said thank you to himself :)

Another thing he's been doing is saying sorry to Crew a LOT. He'll touch him even the slightest bit roughly and says "sawee" (sorry) and then immediately says "sof" (soft) and touches him softly.

It's so sweet that he loves his brother so much!

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