Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Quick.

We have been super busy with me working and cuddling our two wild boys! Everyone is happy and working towards being healthy (silly head colds). But here are a few pictures to look at...

Crew and I cuddling before bed. He loves his little giraffe that rattles.
Crew and Mommy again.
He finally dared to get in :(
Thanksgiving dinner! We are pretty sure he is a lefty. he eats, writes, kicks, and throws with his left side.

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Rudi said...

Cute pictures! It's so nice that you get pictures of you and the kids. I always forget to ask Jake to and he doesn't think to take pictures on his own. Maybe when I'm not pregnant and gross looking I'll be better at it :). I bet Cooper is a lefty, that's pretty cool! Lila is definitely a righty.