Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I enjoy blogging. I REALLY do. It's therapeutic and I can keep our family updated on our happenings. I have been slacking...majorly! Life is just too busy to sit down and blog. But I'm home tonight, Brady is playing basketball with friends and the kids are in bed!! WOW! Here's what we've been up to:

Brady - working, being a dad and taking care of the house! And he's also been called to serve in Cub Scouts.

Kelsey - working ridiculous amounts of hours.  Started working night shift (and it's much more difficult to work at night than I thought). Spending time with the boys whenever I can.

Cooper - LOVES day care!! Just recently moved up to the next age group and the majority of the children are boys. He has a best friend named Jesse. They are two days apart and have so much fun together. I'm always told that they are best friends and do some of the silliest things. He's talking more and more every day. His words are starting to sound more clear and he's trying to have conversations with everyone. His favorite word is "hi". He most definitely over uses the word and says hi to anyone and everyone that is looking at him. He's very polite. Says please and thank you often (with the occasional reminder). Still loves is binky and blanket (the binky is a battle that we are not wanting to fight quite yet). Loves yogurt and crackers. Does an amazing somersault and jumps everywhere! He tells the moon "hi" and "bye". Loves to say "where'd it go?" and then "there it is!" He's starting to snuggle...a LOT!! And it's so nice! Crew is pronounced "Chew" and he is very protective of him - I am sure they will be best friends some day.

Crew - he is SO laid back!!! He goes with the flow and could care less about anything really. If you just look at him he busts up laughing! He is pretty tough too. He doesn't cry hardly ever but can give a pretty ridiculously cute sad face. Food is his favorite thing EVER! He may be laid back but he shakes with excitement when he's super happy. His two bottom teeth are working their way through, which causes him some pain but he still puts on a happy face. He continues to sleep through the night and still goes down without even a peep (he hardly ever cries...honest). He really is an easy going, happy baby. Can't complain about that! He continues to struggle with putting weight on his legs and sitting up. He could care less about any of it! He starts physical therapy next week. I'm getting a little anxious for him to start sitting up and showing interest in big things like that!


Amanda Petersen said...

Your boys are darling! I have no doubt they'll be best friends. I love the picture of Cooper laying over Crew. Such a "big brother" picture. I love it. Looks like you've been busy. You're amazing! Hope everything's going well for you guys!

Stephi said...

Hey Kelsey! Awesome update and great pictures! Sounds like you are busy but very happy! Take care!


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