Monday, January 23, 2012

Crew's 6 month check up...

It didn't go very well.

First of all he's still wheezy.  We tried an albuterol treatment and the wheezing didn't improve.  It's been a little over 2 weeks...once he hits 3 weeks and is still wheezing he will need another appointment to come up with a different plan.  He should be done wheezing by then and has improved a TON from the last two weeks. And since he's sick we didn't do his shots.  I'll have to go back this next week to have them done.

The next thing is...he's physically delayed.  He will not put weight on his legs.  You pick him up and try to stand him and his legs to jello like and wants to sit.  He does do it every once in a while but it's never for longer than a second or two.  And he doesn't push himself up when he's on his stomach.  He will occasionally but is not consistent at it.  So the next step is physical therapy.  Boo.  The doc said it's fairly common and he's not too concerned about it - as long as we can get him caught up with PT.  I knew he was delayed but I was waiting for his wellness check before I questioned it.

But his stats are:

Height: 25.75 cm (50%)
Weight: 13 pounds 11 oz (10%)
Head Circ: 41.9 cm (5%)

His points on the scale are extremely linear, which means he's growing at the same rate! That's good news for our little guy!  He's little just like his brother...only Crew is a little smaller (but taller) than Cooper.

Overall, Crew is happy and healthy.  He's had a rough start to life and continues to have a few rough patches developing.  He will eventually catch up and will be jumping off furniture like his big brother!