Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Annual Work Party

Since Brady's worked at the office here in Twin, they've always had a summer BBQ at a park.  This year everyone thought it would be fun to have it at our house.  It turned out to be a perfect night and everyone had a ton of fun!

Playing games.  They had golf balls in the bottom of the tights and had to swing them to knock over the bottles.

 some of the boys had fun playing in the dirt!

 Cooper enjoyed having company and running around with the big kids
 and he liked to help me play the game

 everyone having a good time!

 Kourtney is no longer in the office.  We will sure miss her and her family.
 Another game.  Hang a banana from the back side and swing it to hit an orange into a designated area.

 The little kids did awesome!

We had a lot of food and good company.  We're so grateful to be in the branch here at Twin Falls.  We've met a lot of wonderful people and hope to continue to strengthen friendships.