Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Twin Falls County Fair

We went to the fair with our good friends Eric and Sarah.  Their son, Wade, is Cooper's best friend!!  The boys have so much fun together!

Here Wade is being such a brave boy and petting a baby cow.
 Cooper's bravest moment with the cows! He was scared.
 Wade is a true farmer!! He loved the cows!
 Crew didn't know what to think.
 Wade even sat on the cow!
 Cooper was a fan of the rabbits :)
 And goats.  The boys were able to feed them peanuts.
 I had Crew facing the goats and I turned around to watch Brady milking the goat (see pic below).  Then the stroller started to shake.  The little goat was nibbling/sniffing (not really sure which) Crew's feet!!  Crew was NOT a fan of the goat touching him!
 Brady milked a goat.
 Cooper telling Crew all about the goats
 and of course all the fresh air and walking around tired them out!
We also were able to sit on tractors and see Thomas the train!  They had so much fun and we enjoyed being a part of it.