Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ellis Update!

Yesterday was our 2 year WeDDiNg AnnIvErSArY!! We didn't do much since we both had so much homework to do...but we did go to Hard Hat for dinner (we had never been there before and we're not sure if we'll ever go back). Also, for Mother's Day, Brady got me a HUGE picture of Prairie Angels by Leon Parsons. My anniversary gift is to get it framed. We ended up not finding a frame that we liked so it'll be awhile before we finally get it framed. We also watched our wedding video and had fun watching our reactions to things that day.

Other than our wedding anniversary, we have been extremely busy. I would say the most busy we have been since we've been married. I have class 5 days a week and open labs 2 nights a week, tutoring atleast 1 day a week, quizzes and exams, papers, projects...everything is SO exhausting. Brady works full time, soccer 3-4 days a week (both games and practices), homework every day and exams. We are having a hard time managing our time and wanting a break. Our home is being neglected and we miss hanging out with our friends. We are so EXCITED for this semester to be over!

Saturday was Kayla's 20th Birthday!! We went to Brady's parents to celebrate on Sunday. Here are some pictures of Gabe!!
We also went to Salt Lake two weekends ago to see the newest addition to the family!! Eva Elizabeth Bleazard! She was born in the morning of May 8th. She weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and measured 21 inches long! She is AdORaBlE!!!
So that's all for now! Our upcoming events will be our trip to Michigan in 2 weeks, Father's Day, Tagg's Wedding, and Eva's blessing! So much to look forward to :)


Rudi said...

happy anniversary again :) we thought our 2nd anniversary was much more exciting than the first... we felt like we deserved to celebrate a lot more... maybe because we'd made it twice as long :)

can't wait to see you in just a few weeks!!

Scott & Melinda said...

Happy Anniversary! That's awesome! I love that prairie girls painting, its so cool. What a great gift! Good job Brady! That makes me happy you guys watched your wedding videos, I love wedding videos I want to watch it sometime, I bet its cute! Well congrats you little love birds!

Chelsea & Nate said...

We wish you could hang out more too! Your'e too busy all the time! :) Happy Anniversaryyy! the big 2 years...now you two are OLD! haha (in the ward at least)..we're not far behind! Welp, I'm glad you had a good one..and we'll probably see you soon!