Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun things in Life!

So here's an update of what has been going on in our lives! Brady and I are still crazy busy with homework...or I should say the homework that we SHOULD be doing :)

Poor Brady is always exhausted after work and he tries his hardest to do his homework...but sometimes it ends up like this! He's so cute!

So the Rexburg weather has been a bit depressing lately. Every once in awhile something beautiful will come out of a terrible day...take a look at this!

These rainbows were AMAZING! There were two of them, you can kind of see the second one to the left of the landscape picture. These rainbows also had the other end to them. The colors were amazing and the pictures don't show them very well. Overall, we were in awe over these rainbows!!

Another thing that's going on in our lives is BYU Idaho's Married Student Garden. I have attended one Saturday morning to help prepare the garden to plant. The deal is whoever helps with the garden will get free produce! We have a 1 acre piece of land to plant so there's a bunch of hard work involved! We also have the opportunity to attend seminars that teach the importance of different things in a garden! I am so excited to be apart of this experience. Here are some pictures!

We also had the chance to go bowling with a group of our friends! Brady and I did the worst out of everyone...I've actually never seen Brady do so bad. Oh well, it was still a lot of fun! There was a DJ that had everyone do silly things to win free stuff!

Picture 1: Travis and Nate P.
Picture 2: Rachael and Nate L.
Picture 3: Chelsea, Me, Rachael, Melinda, Alisha
Another exciting thing is that Michael and Tia Saxton had their baby boy on June 9th!! He's such an adorable little guy! Everett (not sure on spelling) weighed 9 pounds 2 oz when he was born, measuring 20.5 inches long! Can you believe Tia went all natural?? Crazy woman!!

So that's all the exciting news in our lives!! Next up - MICHIGAN!!!


Rudi said...

We're getting so excited to see you :)

It looks like you're having a lot of fun. We've had thunderstorms all weekend, and we saw a rainbow too.

Oh, and I saw that you tagged me... check out my blog!

Rudi said...

when you commented on my post, you said "oh my heck"! :) you've been out west way too long! lol

2 days!!!

Derek and Tara said...

wowser... those are some cheeks! I love your blog! I hope you guys have fun in Michigan.