Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Things have been going pretty smoothly for the last couple of weeks. We are both signed up for classes next winter, our house is warm, cars are running, and food is in the cupboards. However, our health seems to not be in great conditions.

Brady hurt his ankle pretty bad during his last soccer game to the point where we thought it was broken. He went to the doctor and it's just a really bad sprang. A few days later he had this rash all over his foot and around his ankle. It was pretty itchy and so once again, our wonderful doctor gave us some advice and we tried a little benadryl. That didn't work so then the all wonderful athlete's foot medication was purchased (or should I say "jock itch" mediation!-Brady felt silly buying something that said "jock itch" all over it). That didn't work and it was spreading to his other ankle and up his leg. So then he made an appointment to meet with our doctor. He ended up leaving with a sore bum from a steroid shot and some steroid/antifungal ointment. Since then, it has been working great!

I on the other hand had my glucose test on Friday-which turned out great! So no worries about gestational diabetes. Then over the weekend I haven't felt the greatest with some back discomfort and things that lead me to think I had a UTI of some sort. Then on Monday I was in some serious pain...EXACTLY like I was with my last kidney stone. So I drank lots and lots of water to try and flush whatever it was out. I was scheduled for a 12 hour night shift at EIRMC Monday night. I was there for 2 hours and about passed out and felt like my dinner was going to come up. Of course I ended up going home after that. I cried all the way home and once I got home, my dinner came up and I was in serious pain. Called my doctor, he sent in a prescription for pain meds and Brady went and picked them up for me. Thank goodness for late night pharmacy's! Brady and Reed gave me a blessing and I felt great the rest of the night. Unfortunately, I was prepared to be up until 7 am so I stayed up doing homework until about 4:30. Today I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to run some tests...and everything points to KIDNEY STONE (or possibly an infection). Now I am on some antibiotics to treat for an infection and hopefully if it's a kidney stone...hopefully I will pass it soon and not 3 weeks from now! I am also still battling a head cold. It's unfortunate that all things things happen right before the end of the semester when it gets rough and my schedule consists of late nights and early mornings. Oh well, we'll make it somehow!

So that's what's going on in our lives! Baby Cooper is active and kicks constantly! I have finally gained weight and can now say that I weigh more than my pre-pregnancy weight. Thanksgiving break is coming up and I can't wait to be able to relax a little bit before the end of the semester. We are planning on going down to Utah to see some friends and our new little nephew that will be delivered TOMORROW!

Life is exciting, fast paced, and great!


Landon&Shauna said...

Sorry to hear about you and Brady's bad luck with your health!! Kidney Stones sound Terrible!! Good luck with everything!!

Rudi said...

Oh Kels, I'm so sorry to hear about the kidney stone. That has to be awful. We will keep you and Brady and Cooper in our prayers. Still planning on coming down to Utah when we'll be there?

Ty & Masha said...

Hopefully, you will feel better soon. I can't seem to get out of my cold that I've had for a month and constant allergies. These pregnancies don't bring the best of our bodies. Good luck.

Casey and Rachel said...

Kels I'm so sorry things have been so crazy and you haven't been feeling well at all. I'm sure the stress of school doesn't make things any better. Wish I was there so I could do something. Hope you guys are feeling better soon. Good luck with finals coming up! Oh and I am so happy to hear you don't have getational diabetes cause that's no fun at all. I'm glad you are able to stay so optimistic in such a crazy time, cuz I don't think I would be. Hang in there. :)

Sunshine said...

Oh , Kelsey! I hope that everything gets better! I just love your optimistic attitude. Hang in there, beautiful!

Tia Saxton said...

oh no! I'm so sorry! I wish I could do something for you! We were going to go to Utah for Thanksgiving, but Evie has been having breathing problems again, so no traveling for us until we figure out whats going on. I wish we could see you over the holiday though! Good luck to you with everything! And congrats on the new nephew! Miss you!