Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All about our little man!

Cooper is learning fast! He's pretty much amazing and keeps me super busy! Here's a list of the fun things he's learned:
- to sit up by himself!! This is a huge relief for me. I was getting tired of having to support him while sitting but now he's got the hang of it. Of course he's still a little wobbly but I think that's because his legs are pretty much straight so he has to work extra hard for the balance (and he has no butt :) ).
- he eats like a champ! We've been feeding him about 6 oz of food at every other feeding. His recent favorite are... banana mango, peas, sweet potatoes, pears, apples. He will eat but not his favorite are...squash, carrots, apple blueberry, banana. And he rarely spits it up which is super super nice!
- rolls over constantly! This has been happening for a while now but he's a pro now and he makes it difficult to put clothes/diaper on him at times.
- he can hold his bottle on his own!! Every once in awhile he'll start crying because he dropped it but he's really good at it now. It's nice to not HAVE to hold it for him.
- bath time is play time still. He splashes non stop! I haven't came out of the bathroom dry for a long while. Last night my face was even soaked.

- he trying super super hard to move forward. He has the moves down just not together. His feet push but his hands don't move forward. When his hands go his feet are stiff. Today I was able to get him up on all fours and he held it for a short moment! I was pretty excited!

- He likes his sippy cup but only because he can chew on it. He still won't suck on it...which is fine for now.

- his favorite toys are plastic spoons. He'll have every single toy around him and he'll always go for the spoon.

- he has figure out how to yell really REALLY loud! It hurts my ears sometimes. Even his cry is ten times louder.

- he has finally started to giggle instead of a squeal. It's pretty cute and Brady can get him to do it all the time!


PECK said...

Cooper is soo adorable! I just love his cutie face and I can't get over how cute his ears are! I can't believe how big he is getting. I can see both you and Brady in him for sure. You're such a great mommy Kels. Miss you lots.

Tara said...

Oh my goodness with that weight he has been putting on he is really starting to look like Brady! He is a handsome little guy. We can't wait to see him again.