Monday, August 2, 2010

What's New...

Brady: Still working hard! He works 40+ hours a week and is pretty tired by the weekend. We had a summer party the other day and it turned out great! We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with a lot of sides to choose from. The kids played on the playground and the adults played volleyball with water balloons and towels. It was nice to spend time with the ladies he works with. He is still searching for some soccer to play. Poor guy is DYING to play.

Kelsey: I am studying, cleaning, studying, sleeping, studying, cooking...and spending time with Cooper! I didn't pass the test I needed too but my teacher said I did really well and approved me to take the NCLEX. I felt a little hesitant (by how I felt taking the test) and delayed the approval for another month. I am going to continue studying and will take the NCLEX by the end of the month! I am headed to Michigan Wednesday...without Brady. I am dreading the time away from him but anxious for everyone to meet Cooper. I think he'll enjoy all the attention!

My sweet boy after church
Resting after a fully belly
First time in a swing...and he loved it! Why doesn't he enjoy his swing at home??

Cooper: Now for the big update! He is growing up so fast. I wish he would slow down a little but it's so much fun seeing him grow.
~He is at the early stages of crawling...I think. When he's on his tummy and there's a toy just out of reach he pulls his knees under him and tries so hard to move but his arms are not strong enough to hold his upper body up. He will also pull one knee up and try and push with it, then the other knee goes up and does the same thing. If his hands were doing the same thing he would be scootching across the floor! More practice and he'll get it eventually.
~He eats baby food twice a day and loves it. So far he LOVES pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Whenever I spoon it to him he goes "MMMMM" the entire time! He likes peas and squash but looses interest really fast and likes to play with it more than eat it.
~He is growing out of his clothes. 6 month clothes fit him perfectly right now. He'll soon be out of them.
~He still wears size 2 diapers...he's a petite little man! Speaking of diapers - we have to change his diaper in the middle of the night or he leaks through it. He pees a LOT especially if we feed him in the middle of the night.
~He giggles when we swaddle him for nap time/bedtime. He likes to sleep and enjoys being in his bed.
~Reading time is his favorite time. I pull out a book to read and he squeals happily! He likes to touch the pictures and scratch at the pages.
~His newest trick is to pucker his lips and blow spit. He thinks he's pretty funny!

Cooper trying really hard to reach his food - extremely annoying!
"MMM" Getting ready to spit!
Waving "hello"
His poor lip is chapped from all the drool and pacifier
Pears are his favorite!


Tara said...

Love the new post! Great update on all of you! He is looking so cute and seems to me like he is growing fast. Making up for lost time I guess. He sure is cute.

Kevin & Maryann ZELLER said...

Awe love this post can't wait to meet you Cooper we are on vacation the same week your here so we can meet you and have time to get to know you! Love, Aunt Maryann and Uncle Kevin