Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another house update!

The house is done!!!  It's actually been done now for a week in a half.  We did a walk through and requested a few things be done/fixed and will verify it's been done when we move in.  I'm not was only a few things that were not major whatsoever.  The house is BEAUTIFUL!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen and can't stop thinking about where I want to put things.

We have had a rough patch trying to close on the house.  We were originally supposed to close on the house on the same day as our walk through but stupid things came up:

- We needed the 2nd part of the appraisal to be done and the appraiser was out on vacation.  No one could get a hold of his replacement so we had to wait for that to be figured out.  Then when it was figured out apparently they have to send everything to the government to approve or say fix things and he had to fix a few things and send it back for another review.  FINALLY it's been approved.

- Our back yard is up against a road that leads out of the neighborhood.  Apparently, the city is requiring a fence be up against that road.  Without a fence we could only get a "temporary" occupancy permit.  The lenders would not approve a temporary permit.  After MUCH discussion we were able to schedule for a fence to be put in this month and the city was okay with that so they gave us an "official" occupancy permit.  So now we have the back side of the fence going up at the end of this month (about 2,000 dollars to have done).

In addition to all of the above we were notified (the next day) that our fridge would not be delivered on time and it would be on July 21st.  Boy that was a shocker!!! After an hour or so at Sears trying to figure something out we were able to take home their floor model and they will switch it out with our brand new one on the 21st - which is unfortunate because it's Crew's birthday party day but oh well.

Over all it's been a WONDERFUL experience...until trying to close.  But we made it through and we are anxious to move in hopefully tomorrow!

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Geri said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting! It looks like a beautiful home!!! I can't believe having a fence put in is so expensive. I'm so excited for your new home. What a wonderful feeling that must give you!