Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things to Remember

- Cooper had a stinky diaper.  I said "Cooper, can we change your diaper?"  He replied, "No thank you, Ma."

- He was jumping off the couch.  Then he'd run around saying "Super Cooper!"

- No matter how many times we call me mom, mommy, or mama I am still officially "ma" and I LOVE it!

- Crew likes to crawl everywhere, especially to places that are dangerous...such as doorways to the outside! Today he was crawling towards the garage door when I hear "Chew, STOP!" I look and see Cooper standing in front of him with his hands straight out. As Crew ignored him and proceeded to try and crawl out the door Cooper stands there yelling "uh oh Ma!" haha made me giggle because any other time Cooper would've tried to pick him up or push him away but instead he just let him go.

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Amanda Petersen said...

That's so cute! Liam calls me "Ma" too. I love it too...darling! Love your sweet family!