Tuesday, January 8, 2013


we had Thanksgiving with just us 4 this year.  We made lots of yummy food and had a really relaxing time in our jammies!

 Two days later we set up our brand new tree! I love it! It's from the Martha Stewart Collection, which is usually my favorite.  It has a white frost to it, a variety of white lights (some twinkle, some are frosted, some are clear) and has pine cones.
 the boys loved it and it took a few weeks to get them to leave it alone.
 in this picture you can see a dark spot.  Well, when we plugged it in we found 3 branches with lights that don't work. We figure it out and it's an entire strand of lights out.  We still need to call the manufacture and get it fixed.
We put the decorations on the tree a few days later.  More of that to come.

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