Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Baby

He's growing up. way.too.fast.  These pictures were taken a while ago and he's almost outgrown the overalls he's wearing in this picture (they're 12 months).  Here's a few fun facts about baby Crew:
- He LOVES his "didi" (binky) and "didi" (blanket) He says the same word but in different ways.  Brady, Cooper and I can distinguish which one he is saying.
- He's now running, jumping and climbing.
- his vocabulary is ridiculously impressive.  I need to sit down and add more to that long list of his.
- he calls both Brady and I "Dad".  Occasionally I am "mommy" and he's getting better at calling me "mommy".
- still a huge mommy's boy and I LOVE it!
- he loves to snuggle but is doing it less and less the older he gets :(
- still sleeps great however he's super attached to that binky and lately a bottle.
- still eats anything and everything
- is a major tease to everyone and especially his brother.  Ex: taking a toy from Cooper and running away as fast as he can laughing while Cooper chases him screaming/crying.

We love this little boy so much.  He is so different from his brother yet so much alike.  He's the sweetest little boy and we all can't get enough of him!

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