Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

In September, Brady and I went on our very first weekend getaway without the children.  Reed and Laura were very excited for the opportunity to watch the boys and we were eager to have some alone time!  We had been wanting to go to Yellowstone all summer long and this was our chance to go.  So we loaded up the van, packed camping gear and headed East.

The boys did amazing with Brady's parents, which helped a ton being away.  While at Yellowstone is was the most beautiful weather and the prettiest scenery I've seen yet while visiting.  Here are pictures in no particular order.
We were super close to this herd of buffalo.  It was a little scary at times.
 We saw this trail and thought "we are in no hurry let's see where it goes."  Well, it ended up being like a 7 mile walk or something like that.  And definitely not worth it.  It was just a few more water spots just like all the other's we had seen.

 This bird flew down and caught a fish.  If you look closely you can see the fish on the branch.
 I love watching the buffalo cross the streams.
 it was very windy at times.
 old faithful was beautiful!
 As we were setting up camp it started to down pour.  We were able to start a fire before it was too wet so we made hot dogs and ate in the van! haha definitely glad we didn't have the boys!
It was a wonderful two day trip that we will always remember.  It was filled with great scenery, perfect company and at times...peaceful silence!

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