Monday, July 26, 2010


I am pretty sure everyone knows that I haven't finished my nursing test(s) yet :( I am studying/cramming/planning to take the 2nd exit exam this week!! Please pray for me! I need all the help and determination I can get!! When I pass I will take the final NCLEX soon after.

We (Cooper and I) are leaving for Michigan on August 4! Unfortunately, Brady has to work. But I am anxious for everyone to FINALLY meet Cooper!!


Amanda Petersen said...

Good luck on your test. I'll keep you in my prayers! I'm bummed that we'll miss you in Michigan! Are you flying? Good luck. If you need any tips...let me know...I'm a master at flying now :)

Carl and Tracey said...

good luck, kelsey!!! you can totally do it. If you made it up to this point WITH a baby, then you can definitely get through the exams!