Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This past week has been interesting. I will start from the beginning...

LAST WEEK: I felt like I was coming down with something. Aches, chills, exhaustion, sore throat, red eyes

SATURDAY: I called work (I was supposed to go in at 2-10) because I thought I might have pink eye. The pinkish eyes, itching, burning, yuck! I went to the doctor and sure enough it was pink eye. So no work for me and a day to rest at home.

SUNDAY: I went to work that evening. Brady told me on my way home he thinks Cooper has pink eye both eyes! Cooper slept for 13 hours that night.
MONDAY: He woke up Monday morning with nasty, green goup in his eyes and extremely red, puffy eyes. I took him to the doctor right away and he too was given drops for pink eye. He started to cough a bit throughout the day but nothing serious. So Cooper's not doing well and I am EXTREMELY hoarse! I sounded awful and felt awful. I was called into work that evening because so many people called in and no one could go in. They knew how sick I was and still needed me. So I went in for a few hours and ended up being sent home. I could barely talk and was exhausted. Brady had the chills, sore throat, aches, and exhausted. He could feel a head cold coming on.

TUESDAY: I went to work first thing in the morning. I felt awful and still sounded awful. I was scheduled but no one was able to come in and cover for me. Brady stayed home with Cooper in the morning until the 24 hours on the drops were up. He went to the doctor and picked up a slip that said Cooper was no longer contagious and took him to daycare. When I picked Cooper up at daycare he looked terrible! He just stared at me and could care less about what was going on. He coughed all the way home. Once we go home he was so clingy and wouldn't let me put him down. I gave him some tylenol and tried everything to get him to calm down. The only thing that worked was if I was standing and he was laying his head against my chest with his arms between us. Not fun! My arms were exhausted and I just wanted to curl up and sleep myself. Of course, as soon as Brady got home he was happy and cheerful like nothing was the matter. REALLY? I was a little upset about the whole thing. He went to sleep before 7 and slept until 8:30!

WEDNESDAY: I had called my work yesterday telling them that I would not be able to come into work becaue my baby was really sick. They were able to get someone to come in for me!! So I am home with Cooper. We are both feeling better than yesterday. Cooper is happy, cheerful, playing, and eating! His eyes look a million times better and not much of a cough today. Here is a picture of him this morning. Brady is still feeling sick and getting worse. I feel bad that he has to go to work today :( He's coming home for lunch so hopefully he can sit and relax for a few minutes.

So hopefully we all start feeling better. It's a crazy time at work for the both of us. Without family or friends we struggle juggling work, a sick baby, and our own sickness. All of this will pass!


Casey and Rachel said...

No Fun! It is hard being sick, especially when you all are and you don't have family around to help. Then on top of it with work and everything. I'm sorry. Wish there was something I could do. Feel better soon.

Amanda Petersen said...

I'm sorry you've been's so hard to be sick and a mom...not to mention having to work too. You are a superwoman...I am constantly amazed at all you do. I'm glad Cooper is feeling better. Hopefully you'll all feel better soon. It looks like you had a fun holiday though. I hope the next few weeks go by quickly so you can enjoy the holidays again.