Friday, September 16, 2011


Cooper - 19 months.
- learning so fast! He picks up on words and has the cutest little voice. The words he says the most right now: juice - sounds like "uice"; dog; car; beep beep; wee - sounds like "me"; ball; airplane; thank you - sounds like "ah you"; hot dog; shoes; hi; bye. He continues to sign more, please, and thank you. He hardly ever signs that he's hungry anymore. Oh and something cute - I call Brady "braid" most of the time. Brady was outside mowing the lawn and I yelled "Braid" to get his attention so Cooper repeated it over and over yelling "braid!" out the window.
- he loves to jump, run, stomp, and spin circles. his most recent favorite is to jump on the bed and couch. he doesn't know how to walk anymore - he still just runs everywhere
- he figured out that he can yell. really. loud. EXTREMELY loud.
- i hear him laughing at himself often.
- he still loves hot dogs and yogurt. i've been able to get him to eat grapes, strawberries, and blueberries. but only for one day. i offer fruits and veggies but he never eats them. he loves anything bread like. crescent rolls, toast, garlic bread, bread sticks, etc.
- he loves water and has a blast in the tub
- he's still a binky and blanket lover. his blanket goes everywhere with us. the other day he was outside and snuck his blanket by me and soaked it with the hose. I immediately put it in the washer and he cried for over an hour by the washer and dryer. I tried explaining it to him that it was dirty and needed to be washed but of course he didn't understand.
- we say prayers before meals with cooper. today for lunch he and i said a prayer as usual. he folds his arms and bows his head for about 2 seconds. then as i was walking away he refolded his arms, bowed his head, and mumbled jibberish. it was his very first prayer!! my heart just melted!
- he continues to bang his head. the padding on the crib is working beautifully but we have found him banging his head on the sides of his crib instead of the railing. at least the bruises are covered with his hair now and not down the middle.
- he's obsessed with balls. brady had a soccer website up with lots of balls for sale and cooper was so excited. super excited!! when we drive past any car dealership with balloons cooper freaks out yelling "ball!!" he loves any and all balls! he's a pro at kicking balls too - something his dad taught him.
 - he has the most outrageous tantrums. he kicks, screams, thrashes around, hits, bangs his head and will continue to do this f.o.r.e.v.e.r. He is not easily distracted and very determined to get what he wants.

Crew - 7 weeks
- he's starting to smile, giggle, and coo.
- loves to smile at his big brother
- is definitely a mommy's boy!
- eats about every 3 hours during the day and goes a good 5-6 hour stretch at night.
- starting to love bath time
- naps really well and tolerates all the noise cooper makes
- has dark curly hair and blue eyes! (for now anyway)
- fits into NB clothes well and may advance into 0-3 months! his NB diapers are also a little snug.
- he like to have his face covered with blankets. we wrap it around so that his cheeks are touching a blanket and his little face is open to the air.
- he has his hands in his mouth all the time. he sucks constantly
- his neck is getting stronger and his head bobbles less every day.
- he kicks and moves his arms around all the time - just like cooper
- i'd say he grew out of his colicky stage already. he still whines but it's not constantly all day long like it was.

Overall, our boys are awesome and growing way too quickly! I love being their mommy!


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