Friday, September 2, 2011

a good day.

today's been a good day. cooper and i played a LOT! he even climbed into his empty toy tub.
he's wanting me to play constantly lately! it's so fun to get down and hear him giggle with me. he has the sweetest laugh and it's so contagious!
 crew and i played a lot too when cooper was napping. he's starting to interact more and reach for different his favorite giraffe hanging there from great grandma!
 he's growing but is still really really tiny!
 his cheeks are filling out and he actually feels "heavy" to me! he's smiling more and is starting to coo!! i definitely didn't forget how fun this stage is but it's so so exciting to see him do more than eat, sleep...
...and poop. Poop? he hardly EVER poops anymore. usually only if we feed him formula. i have questioned the pediatrician on this and he says he's absorbing all of the breast milk since it can be broken down so much. he only poops the formula because it can't be absorbed like breast milk. it's a good thing he fills his diaper so much or i would be worried he wasn't getting food!

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