Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Ever since I was pregnant for Cooper I wanted to breast feed our children. There are so many benefits from breast feeding and it's so good for the children. Well, when Cooper absolutely would NOT latch on (even with a shield) we ended up having to give him a bottle. I pumped for little over a month but of course eventually went down to nothing. I was an emotional wreck over it...

Crew is a different story. We tried for a full week to have him latch on, which he did successfully a few times but was extremely frustrated all the others. Then he went to the NICU and just refused so we tried a shield. The shield did the trick and we've been successful ever since. Now that I've started up work again I go two days in a row without breast feeding Crew. I'll go without pumping for a full 8 hours at times because I usually can't take the time to pump at work (horrible huh?). Crew went through a growth spurt over the WEEKEND and was eating every 2 hours...well I wasn't there to nurse him so my milk production is about 2 oz too low. We've been trying to get it up for over a week now and I am still not making enough. I've tried different milk producing supplements and drinking LOTS of water. It's still not getting any better. And trying to nurse Crew every 1 to 2 hours is not so fun with Cooper running around!!

So with that said... we are going to formula :( I am pretty bummed about it but our baby needs to eat! Now the trick is to find a formula that works for him. We supplement with Nutramigen and that stuff is ridiculously expensive. I guess we will see how it goes.

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Cass said...

Random question. Did you try beer?
I'm 38 weeks with my second, and plannign to breastfeed. nearly every lactation consultant I've talked to has mentioned that a dark beer like Guiness will boost milk production because of the amount of brewer's yeast in it. Not enough alcohol transfers into your milk after one beer (which is usually all that's needed), so there's no risk of harming your baby. You might try talking to you'r baby's doctor about it, or a lactation consultant if you're unsure (which I totally understand when the information comes from a random person that just stumbled across your blog). Hope this helps.