Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Words

I still can't get over how fast Cooper is growing!! He continues to talk non stop but we are finally able to understand more of what he's saying. Here's a little list of his new words:

- bubble
- star
- thank you
- baby
- sweetie (so cute! I went to crew and said "hi sweetie" and he went up and goes "hi seetie!"
- Brad (pronounced Braid for Brady)
- Suzie (sounds like Suz - my friend from work)
- football
- color

His physical ability is pretty much amazing. His most favorite thing is to spin in circles of to stand on one foot and kick the other. We went to a large area with several soccer fields for him to run around on and he ran for an hour STRAIGHT! He did not stop and did not walk. Not.even.once. When it was time for bed we knew he'd be upset to get in the car so he and I walked home (it's really like 2 minutes away from home). He was a little upset to go inside of course but at least we didn't have to strap him in his car seat! He's also amazing at kicking the soccer ball! 

Cooper is so much fun! He is a wild child. He was having a difficult time in nursery on Sunday so I stayed with him. I went home in tears because of how different Cooper is compared to the other children his age. He was far more (and I mean WAY WAY WAY more) wild than the others. He's always been this way but it's still difficult for me to handle. I think he just gets bored with things. And come snack time he shoved the food in and was done before the other's even ate a few bites! He did pretty good with music time but I think he got bored towards the end because he was running around like a mad man. It is very overwhelming for me to try to get him to sit down and listen for something. We even have to tell Cooper to look at us just to get his attention so he'll listen for a second. I've talked with several mother's and 2 pediatricians. They have all said he'll eventually grow out of it. Oh I sure hope he does some day! But until then we will be struggling with quiet time activities.

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