Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our growing boys!

Here's another picture overload!

Crew has the most kissable cheeks right now! I do it all.the.time.
 I really do love my little boys!
 Crew absolutely adores Cooper! It makes me a little nervous to see what Crew learns from his big brother.

 Crew is a very very happy baby! He cries for good reasons and is a good natured little boy. So much more relaxed than Cooper was as a baby. I kind of like it!
 Cooper got a new coat and snow pants for this winter! He loved wearing his new stuff.
 Here's the typical up, no make up, and looking tired. It's a good thing Brady loves me for me because I can be pretty scary! And this is a good picture to show you how small Crew still is!
 this is a silly picture but it shows his hair growing back in and that he LOVES his hands. his hands always smell like spit because he constantly has them in his mouth. It's pretty gross.
 we made halloween cookies with Alisha, Makenna and Peyton. Cooper enjoyed the frosting. a LOT.

 he ended up dumping it on the table and adding water to it - making a huge sticky mess. But he had fun!
 haha. sucking off the sticky mess.
 here's a preview of coop's costume :) Isn't he the most innocent pirate you've ever seen?!
 we went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Ellis in Rexburg. I didn't get very many pictures but he sure does love them!
 the joy of an empty storage tub! he liked to have the lid on (with him in the tub) while Brady pulled him around the room.
 we went outside and played in the crisp fall air.
 crew is getting a little stronger each day. as you can see I had to prop him up with blankets so that he wouldn't slouch to either side! he is 3 months old in this picture.

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