Monday, October 10, 2011

it's beginning to look like fall!

I am pretty sure fall is my favorite season. I love the change in colors, cooler temperatures and thinner air (not that Idaho has heavier air than good ole Michigan). Even the food tastes better - soups, casseroles, and cookies! Everything is FALL to me. Here are a few things we have done so far...

Made cookies! Brady hurt his big toe REALLY bad and had a friend from the ward take a look at it. He's a PA and we wanted to make sure it wasn't broken. So the cookies were a thank you for taking a look at his foot on his own personal time.
 Long sleeve shirts and football! Here's a cute picture of cooper sharing pretzel sticks with daddy.
 these two are the best! cooper is asking to watch football now so they have fun sitting and staring. this last saturday we were invited to watch our friends sons play in their first flag football game. cooper LOVED LOVED LOVED to watch them play and kept yelling at them from the sideline. I joke with Brady that Cooper just might end up being a hard core football player instead of soccer. :)

 here he is at the pumpkin patch! we met up with Travis, Alisha and their kids to pick some out. The kids just ran around picking out their favorite pumpkin to take home. This year we picked out 3 for the boys and 1 for us.
 Brady in his Michigan game gear.
 Cooper really enjoyed picking up all the "ball" and throwing them.

 kenna and peyton. peyton is about 2 months younger the crew and is MUCH bigger! he is so sweet!!
 our family. it's hard to imagine Kegan in the picture. he'd be 4 1/2!
 crew was super happy about being back in the car!
 Here's Cooper when he's tired. the blanket is up by his nose!
 peyton is passed out on the floor :) i think he should give crew some of that hair!
 kenna and cooper played really well together. they are starting to be great friends. lots of hugs, kisses, and high fives for these two little (big) ones.

 cooper is starting to be REALLY interested in what I'm doing in the kitchen. he knows that things are "hot" and believes every thing near the stove is hot. i'm okay with that! but lately i've let him stand on a chair and "help" me with things. this picture is of him "cleaning dishes". i poured some soap into a clean bowl and gave him some clean silverware to "wash". he thought it was pretty great!
A few other things we have done: made home made beef stew, turned the heat on in our home, pulled out winter jackets, bought Crew's halloween costume and threw away the summer pool.
More things to come: halloween, my birthday!, a new nephew, and hopefully family pictures.

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