Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mommy moment kind of day...

when I think of a "mommy moment" it's not just something cute. I also think of something that I'd want to remember. so here's my day up to this point:

I wake up at 8:15 hearing Crew crying hysterically. I feel AWFUL because I have no idea how long he's been crying. I was exhausted.

Cooper wakes up all happy. GREAT way to start the day! Then he turns into this tasmanian devil that's running, jumping, throwing, climbing, twirling EVERYWHERE! Where the extra energy came from I do not know.

After getting ready we headed to a doctor's appointment for Cooper. While I was getting myself ready Crew was in the bouncer smiling the whole time and Cooper was running wild getting into things he knows he's not supposed to and laughing while doing it. Then he throws a fit because we are not leaving fast enough. He even tried to pick up the car seat with crew in it! He continues to throw a fit as I'm shoving him in the car. Yes, SHOVED him in the car (we were already late). He calmed down with his football and book.

As we rush inside to the doctor's office and sit down some random kid (looked like he was 8 or 9) started to play with Cooper. Sorry to all the mom's out there who let their kids do this but I do NOT let Cooper play in a doctor's office. All the germs and sick children around...I think not! Cooper thought it was cool to throw his football for the other kid to play with and I had to ask the kid several times to get it back. Then Coop was mad and threw a HUGE fit. Thrashing, screaming, crying. Oh the looks that came my way were ridiculous...let me tell you. Once in the room Cooper continues to be that tasmanian devil tearing up the paper, running around, yelling, and giving me a work out. The doc comes in and takes a look at everything and comments how strong Cooper is and just smiles. haha the doc just smiled at the ENERGY Cooper has and that he can climb onto anything he thinks he can. He was very impressed with his ball throwing skills and literally jumping and climbing on every single thing possible. Then to run off some of his energy we ran to the van...literally. We ran all the way across a parking lot with him holding my hand and me with a stroller. And to add to it all he thought it would be funny to knock on someone's car door...with someone in it. He was a nice man and just laughed and said "it's fine!" :)

The ride home was nice and quiet. Then we get inside and he's running around taking his shoes and coat off. I sit him down for lunch and he shovels it in his mouth and says "all done." And the running around continues. Like crazy running around. Brady gets home and asks "what's up with Cooper? He's wild!" Running into walls on purpose because he thinks it's funny.

Then I find Crew pooping his diaper (thank goodness he sleeps like a rock). I pick him up and start to change him. It was one of those explosive diapers when poo is down the legs. It wouldn't be a big deal if he wasn't so stinkin' excited and kicking his feet as if he's running a marathon! So as I'm slowly undressing him trying to clean off the poo on his legs I hear a BIG BANG!! And I mean BIG!! I turn around and Cooper has tipped over in the laundry basket and smacked his head on the vent cover. I run over and swoop him up to see the damage. It's a massive line across his forehead and it looks like it's going to bleed. i run and get a cold wash cloth to press on his forehead, gave him some tylenol and snuggled him for a minute. He wanted up to look in the mirror so we looked at his "owe" and move on. Seriously, tough kid. Then he continues to climb on things in the living room. This time I see him trying to climb over the back side of the couch!!! So I stopped changing Crew (who is without a diaper at this moment) to teach Cooper we do not climb on the couch like that. ugh. so I go back to Crew and get him cleaned up and put in pajamas because it's just easier.

By now it's nap time. Thank goodness both boys were as exhausted as I am because they went down without a single peep! This is the kind of day that both boys were extremely happy and Cooper went WILD! It's the kind of day I want to look back on and laugh because I am sure there won't be another day quite like this one :)

P.S. as I'm finishing this up both boys are starting to cry. It's only been 32 min. to be exact.

so that's my mommy moment kind of day!

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Casey and Rachel said...

Oh my Kels! I don't know how you handle all that energy! You must be super woman! SERIOUSLY! I just hope for your own sake that Crew is a little more mellow for you. Keep up the great work. You amaze me!