Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little cute things...

Cooper's doing some cute things and I wanted to share a few:

- when we say "just a minute" we always put a finger up  - not sure why. Well, lately he's been more patient when we say "just a minute" and he will say it in his own jibberish and hold up his finger meaning "just a minute."
- he's saying prayer now and it sounds like "payer". and he says amen in his own little jibberish but it's always the same so I know that's what he's saying.
- crew is officially "baby". we never call crew baby but that's what cooper calls him! so cute.
- my sister in law (tara) showed cooper that if you push your belly button you go "beep beep" well now he goes beep beep to everyone's belly button. haha it's adorable.
- he says "up" all the time now and wants to be picked up. yay!! :/
- he has another favorite that has to go to bed and everywhere with him...a soft, squishy baseball.
- he LOVES LOVES LOVES to play catch. we will sit across the room from each other and throw it back and forth. he has perfect aim (not even kidding a bit. it's perfect) but has no desire to actually catch the ball. I have horrible aim so I usually just kind of toss it to him...even then I usually miss! he thinks it's funny :) He's starting to distinguish between different balls. there's a baseball "beball" and football "fooball". He has even started to ask to watch football, which is odd because Brady doesn't watch it that often (he wishes he could watch it more).
- he LOVES all things with a motor: car, truck, train, airplane, etc. He hears an airplane and flips out! He runs to the window and searches the sky! I wish we had an air museum near by.
- his new favorite movie is "how to train your dragon." he giggles and smiles at the main black dragon. it's a way cute movie. if you haven't seen it!
- he knows what pants are, shirt, hair, sock, shoe (of course-he's obsessed), feet, hand, ear, eye, nose, buttocks (we call it bum), and privates (yes he's very aware that he's a boy).
- i mentioned shoes above...every day he gets into our front closet and drags out shoes. he's very picky on what shoes he wants to wear. if we try to put on different shoes than what he wants he cries, kicks, and flips around. he doesn't get away with that. he has to wear tennis shoes when it's cold out!
- he can do a sommersault. way cute!
- he gives the best hugs EVER!! We will be doing whatever and then all of a sudden he comes running at me and tackles me with the best hug and a little "mmm" to show his love. And sometimes I even get a kiss at the same time.

Anyway, that's all for now. I seriously love our biggest little man and am so incredibly grateful to be his mother. He brings so much happiness to our home. He's a wonderful big brother and loves Crew more than I ever imagined at his young age.  Even on the hardest days I am so proud to be a mother and I love every day I get to stay home with them.

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