Sunday, January 22, 2012


We have had a very mild winter so far. It's flurried a hand full of times and one day of accumulation (that was rained off over night). On January 4th the weather was in the 50's. I bundled Cooper up and let him play outside!! We eventually were too warm for our coats but we were still bundled up enough with a few layers and a hat.
 He's really into planes and he spotted one while we were out there!
 playing on his slide that a very generous friend gave to him.
 brave enough to go down it on his own!! 
 Playing peek a boo and trying to get mom to play in there.
I absolutely love this picture. His eyes are so pretty.
I just LOVE this little boy!

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Katie Petersen said...

I loved reading all your updates. Glad things are going well in the NICU. Cooper and Crew are getting so grown up. It was so fun to see y'all over the break! Thanks for making the drive.