Friday, March 2, 2012


Little man Crew.  He is pretty much amazing!  He is so easy going and is happy most of the time.  Here's a little update:

- he can sit up. He's still unsteady but he can do it!
- LOVES to eat.  He gobbles everything down that we give him.  He doesn't seem to care for carrots but will still eat them.  He reaches for food that we eat and he's slowly figuring out how to eat small solid pieces.  So far he's had bread, spaghetti, banana and toddler snack puffs.
- wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 2-3 diapers.
- we can not keep socks on his feet - they are way too chunky!
- adores Cooper.  If Cooper is in the room that's where his attention goes to.
- continues to sleep through the night.  He sleeps swaddled with a musical bear and pacifier.
- Will not put weight on his legs. However, he will jump a little in the jumper but if we are holding him to try and stand he just collapses.  We are going to start physical therapy this month in hopes of some improvement and strengthening.  He still hates tummy time and constantly rolls he's not pushing himself up like he's supposed to.  The developmental specialist says PT will help strengthen his core and should get him back on track quickly.
- he still has blue eyes with a little bit of brown!! I thought they would start to change fast after I saw the specs of brown but they're hanging out at blue!
- he has 2 teeth (the two bottom front teeth)
- his hair is straight when try and curly when wet.

Here are some cute pictures:
sitting up all on his own!
 he doesn't mind his big brother helping out with things.
 stays calm through some crazy/loud situations. he is only upset when he's hungry and sometimes when he's extremely tired.
 happy boy playing with his toys!
 I love his big blue eyes
 had spaghetti for the first time last night and LOVED it!!!